June 24, 2014

In the Wilderness 4th June, 2014

Under the lazy January Sun,
The grass lush with winter dew,
Invited the melancholy straight
Out of my being, as I lay savoring
The delicate deliquescence around,
The tickle of the blades of grass,
And the sight of you,
Radiant under the illumination,
Half-asleep, half-distraught
At the lingering menace of 
A relentless grasshopper,
Who seemed to appreciate 
The kiss of your hair on its feet,
As much as I loved its caress,
On my cheeks, and face.

The festivals of light, the nights 
Of endless applause, made known
By the indefatigable illumination,
Conjured by incessant fireworks,
Released from the ground, 
And terminating in crescendo,
Inches above our selves,
And us in flight, of the relief
After years of strife, of love,
Of hallucinations that come
To mark youth and its many
Blind faiths, With the mild
Pungency of burning gunpowder
Igniting dreams that were to
Later need suppression, cruel.
It is dark now, has been aching
Eternally, this loneliness.
As I have been looking for you,
In this endless hollowness.

In this world, turned dark now,
Baby, I look for you,
In the wilderness.

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