June 21, 2009

Observe People- Just a thought

Inspired by the last scene of Benjamin Button, I came up with this:

" Some people dance in the moonlight coming into their dark rooms, some people kiss beside the Jadavpore Lake.Some people are guitarists in rock bands,some like cats and others hope to swim past the Palk Strait.Some people don't know how to tie their shoelaces,some people have the hots for Nicole Kidman, and yet some others are our mothers.Some people believe their goatees will bring them bad luck in exams,some other's eyes gleam at the mention of Lucknow, or of Batata Puri.Some people are monotheists,some deliver pizzas,some spend time on Facebook, others watch movies religiously. Some people live in the past, others in Missisauga..... All these 'SOME's come together make up the brilliant collage called 'People/Society' around us..."

It's true. Observing people can be an interesting and rewarding pastime. Once you get to know people, the various idiosyncrasies that constitute them, you can relate much easily to newer people you meet, or adapt to difficult circumstances without much hassle. You can also use the experiences,or tragedies you've known other people to have emerged unscathed from, to help you survive through similar turbulent experiences.
Call me a bitch/ gossipmonger or a jobless ass if you want to, but I like to know about people in my vicinity,and their lives. This doesn't necessarily mean I have to make friends with every one of them, or divulge MY life secrets to them, but I just try to know the people around me... It, I feel, will be of help in the long run.