April 25, 2011


Ek woh patang,
Jo hawaa mein gotein khaati,
Ud chali,
Tair chali,
Ek kinaare se doosra kinaara,
Ek galiyare se doosra chaubaara.

Aur ek PatangA,
Jiska udaan uska apna,
Aur armaan bhi apne.
Kabhi jhund mein bhaagta,
Kabhi akele.
Andhiyara ho toh mili panaah,
Roshni dikhee toh, jalke huya fanaah.

Aapko kismein milee
Apnee dastaan?

April 19, 2011


Uddne waala yahi ek uskaa mann,
Ik dor se bandh chuka dekho,
Kitna ooNchaa chhalaaNg lagaaya,
Madmast nainon ki jurrat dekho.

Badi suhaani kohre waali ek nukkad,
Bulaa raha har pal iss baaNvre raahi ko,
Woh qaid akela, Waqt bhi rahi mukkad,
Bas ek mannat, ik chhutkaara haasil ho.

Khone Do

Haqeeqat ko lifaafe mein daal,
Daak se bhej diya parle kinaar,

Kaagaz ki naav mein saari sachchai daal,
Bahaa diya ussey Jamuna paar.

Mujhe zaroorat nahi saari asli baatein,
Mujhe anginat khwaab bone do.

Aur raat ki sooni hatheli pakde,
Chhup chhup ke tanha rone do.

Mujhe aaj, apne aap mein hi
Khone do, jee khone do.

I have sealed reality away in an envelope,
Mailed it away to The Other Side,

Crafted all of the world's truths into a paper-boat,
Have set it sail from the banks of the Yamuna,

I don't need to face reality,
Just let me sew my endless dreams,

And clutching on to the bare hands of Night,
Let me cry to myself

Tonight, let me find solace,
Within myself

April 18, 2011

Hum Me Another Harmony

For me to wane under your shadow,
We must share the same Universe.
Fortunately for your stars,
I'm not one in your sky.

Of the realms that cut through my space,
There's the denial,
The farewell,
And re-embracing,
The same cold autumn wind,
Through the city street-corners,
And the sub-urban flower-beds.

It enacts the same jubilant harmony
A celebratory arrival
Of that on who I have no claim.
A Territorial misfit,
A silver dream,
In our Universe.

Locked away under shadows
Of a bell-jar, of cardamom and almonds,
Cast in its image,
By a crisp sunshine,
Locked as punishment,
Locked through the absence
Of Guilt.

Six years of the first battle,
And I'm in the midst of a second one,
Am I allowed ONE failure?

Yes, you can live each day as your last,
As much as you wish,
But you shall never be prepared enough for death...

Picture Courtesy: Utsav Akhoury


My last post was all about how I've always tried but never won.
And here I am, after winning the biggest battle ever.

Life is all about the irony, really