July 26, 2011

Pretty Woman

'Coz her eyes don't shut,
And the scars don't heal.
The nights go by, dark,
She tries hard to conceal
The struggle that she wages,
All the fears she does feel,
She stands out even worse
In her life's lost show-reel.

Apologies for the terrible photographic quality, the sketch looked tonnes better on paper, but I'm stranded with a 5Megapixel phone camera, and can't help it at the moment.

Un Homme et Un Homme

July 11, 2011

Favorite Quotations 1

Before erasing out the particluar section of my Facebook profile, I decided to post it as a note to commemorate a few of the best lines used around me, EVER.

1.I’ve never eaten anything for nineteen years now but you’ll find no one healthier – Priyadarshini Goswami
2.I’m dying of thirst, you boob! – Ikshaku Bezbaroa
3.I anyway look better than all of them combined- Ritwik Goswami.
4.Main Bharatiya Naari hoon- Rakhi Sawant
5. Ritwik: *narrates Hindoo joke*
Aditi Bhura: hum log sabhi yahaan pe Hindoo hain
Ritwik: Nisha is a Jain, no?
Puja: Even Aditi is a Jain.
Nisha: Yes Aditi, Jain aur Hindu mein difference hota hai, aur tum Jain ho.
ADITI(faint retort): Par humlog Hindoo jaise hi hotey hai...
6. Let's bang hard (into the boat) - Adrija Chatterjee
7. Ikshaku khub jorey jorey korey... (with reference to pedaling a boat) - Adrija Chatterjee
8. [He was to take his first college-final exams under C.U. the next morning, and he was very drunk, and was sleeping over at a friend's birthday bash. While almost dozing off...] "See you(C.U.) Tomorrow"- Rohan Ghosh
9. Ritwik- "Happy Birthday... Now you're twenty"
Debadrita: "Emaa, one more year and I turn adult".
10. "You're a virgin, but you're still so good at raping things! " - Sayantika Ghosh
11. "I had a life even before I met you all"- Puja Rohra
12. "The power is in my finger"- Adrija Chatterjee
13. "God is kinda like Santa Claus, for adults." - Kurt Hummel(Glee)
14. "Labels and closets are for clothes, not people" - Unknown
15. "Who watches TV on a TV anymore, anyway? "- Eric Van der Woodsen(Gossip Girl)
16. Maths Teacher: Solve this problem
Aritri: Sir,(do) not(ask us to solve) this kind of problem, it looks very tough.
Me: Tum dekhke kaise judge kar sakti ho? Judgmental ladki!! (How can you just see and judge? you judgmental freak!!)
ARITRI: Hum dekh ke nahi, kar ke judge kiye hain ( I have judged not by seeing it, I have judged by 'doing' it ) :P
17. "Toodloo" - Utsav Akhoury
18. Me: "What I don't understand is why does Lokkhi Thakur(Goddess Lakshmi)leave for so few days. I mean if she has to return after just four days, why does she leave at all?"
Sayantika Ghosh: "In that, she is just like Lijo Varughese!!"
19. ''If I actually flirted, twenty would be forty by now!" - Adrija Chatterjee
20. "I'm a hot Sindhi, Who needs Indians?''- Puja Rohra
21. Ritwik: Tongue-in-cheek ka matlab samajhte ho babuwa? (Do you know what tongue-in-cheek means?)
Utsav Akhoury: Is it some new sort of kissing??
22: "Aami aar kothaai bolbo na"- Debadrita Modak.
23. "Tussi jaa rahe ho? Tussi naa jaao" - Sikh Boy In Epic Bollywood Movie.
24. "All the boys I'm dating are useless"- Tu Berculosis
25. "I will drink Savlon, I will drink Dettol, I will drink Harpic"- Tu Berculosis
26. "Please give me one hug. Otherwise I will go and stand in front of a bus"- Tu Berculosis
27. "I toh cannpt 'handel' only"-Anwesha Roy
28. Vikramjit :What was the surgery?
Me: Of the foot. A bony fragment had remained there after the first surgery, so it had to be removed.
VIKRAMJIT: Was it a part of a BONE?
29: Mayukh: Hi Mow-dyak(To Debadrita Modak)
Debadrita: I HABH A NAME OKAY? >:|
30. "Arrey Dhuroo"- Debadrita Modak
31. "Aaja meri aa, suhana lamha"(Trying to sing Suhana hai samaa, suhana lamha)- Sreejeeta Ghosh
32. "Baal Baara Bokachoda, Khanki'r Chhele"- Lijo Varughese
33. "Moo" - Shahana Yasmin
34. "Please don't scold" - Shahana Yasmin
35. "Teko naame ekta chhele chhilo, Nijeke mone kore superhero"- St. James' School Batch of 2009
36. "Waw Waw Caution"- Sumit Guha, Sneha Kedia
37. While playing Uno, I didn't want fours, while Rohan needed them. Before he picked his new card,
"May the Fours be with you" - Me.
38. "Mataal hobo, KaaNdbo" - Tu Berculosis (Will get drunk, Will cry)
(Describing her PoA for an upcoming party)
39. "I love being single. It is both a jhooth and a trooth"- Sreejeeta Ghosh