July 11, 2011

Favorite Quotations 1

Before erasing out the particluar section of my Facebook profile, I decided to post it as a note to commemorate a few of the best lines used around me, EVER.

1.I’ve never eaten anything for nineteen years now but you’ll find no one healthier – Priyadarshini Goswami
2.I’m dying of thirst, you boob! – Ikshaku Bezbaroa
3.I anyway look better than all of them combined- Ritwik Goswami.
4.Main Bharatiya Naari hoon- Rakhi Sawant
5. Ritwik: *narrates Hindoo joke*
Aditi Bhura: hum log sabhi yahaan pe Hindoo hain
Ritwik: Nisha is a Jain, no?
Puja: Even Aditi is a Jain.
Nisha: Yes Aditi, Jain aur Hindu mein difference hota hai, aur tum Jain ho.
ADITI(faint retort): Par humlog Hindoo jaise hi hotey hai...
6. Let's bang hard (into the boat) - Adrija Chatterjee
7. Ikshaku khub jorey jorey korey... (with reference to pedaling a boat) - Adrija Chatterjee
8. [He was to take his first college-final exams under C.U. the next morning, and he was very drunk, and was sleeping over at a friend's birthday bash. While almost dozing off...] "See you(C.U.) Tomorrow"- Rohan Ghosh
9. Ritwik- "Happy Birthday... Now you're twenty"
Debadrita: "Emaa, one more year and I turn adult".
10. "You're a virgin, but you're still so good at raping things! " - Sayantika Ghosh
11. "I had a life even before I met you all"- Puja Rohra
12. "The power is in my finger"- Adrija Chatterjee
13. "God is kinda like Santa Claus, for adults." - Kurt Hummel(Glee)
14. "Labels and closets are for clothes, not people" - Unknown
15. "Who watches TV on a TV anymore, anyway? "- Eric Van der Woodsen(Gossip Girl)
16. Maths Teacher: Solve this problem
Aritri: Sir,(do) not(ask us to solve) this kind of problem, it looks very tough.
Me: Tum dekhke kaise judge kar sakti ho? Judgmental ladki!! (How can you just see and judge? you judgmental freak!!)
ARITRI: Hum dekh ke nahi, kar ke judge kiye hain ( I have judged not by seeing it, I have judged by 'doing' it ) :P
17. "Toodloo" - Utsav Akhoury
18. Me: "What I don't understand is why does Lokkhi Thakur(Goddess Lakshmi)leave for so few days. I mean if she has to return after just four days, why does she leave at all?"
Sayantika Ghosh: "In that, she is just like Lijo Varughese!!"
19. ''If I actually flirted, twenty would be forty by now!" - Adrija Chatterjee
20. "I'm a hot Sindhi, Who needs Indians?''- Puja Rohra
21. Ritwik: Tongue-in-cheek ka matlab samajhte ho babuwa? (Do you know what tongue-in-cheek means?)
Utsav Akhoury: Is it some new sort of kissing??
22: "Aami aar kothaai bolbo na"- Debadrita Modak.
23. "Tussi jaa rahe ho? Tussi naa jaao" - Sikh Boy In Epic Bollywood Movie.
24. "All the boys I'm dating are useless"- Tu Berculosis
25. "I will drink Savlon, I will drink Dettol, I will drink Harpic"- Tu Berculosis
26. "Please give me one hug. Otherwise I will go and stand in front of a bus"- Tu Berculosis
27. "I toh cannpt 'handel' only"-Anwesha Roy
28. Vikramjit :What was the surgery?
Me: Of the foot. A bony fragment had remained there after the first surgery, so it had to be removed.
VIKRAMJIT: Was it a part of a BONE?
29: Mayukh: Hi Mow-dyak(To Debadrita Modak)
Debadrita: I HABH A NAME OKAY? >:|
30. "Arrey Dhuroo"- Debadrita Modak
31. "Aaja meri aa, suhana lamha"(Trying to sing Suhana hai samaa, suhana lamha)- Sreejeeta Ghosh
32. "Baal Baara Bokachoda, Khanki'r Chhele"- Lijo Varughese
33. "Moo" - Shahana Yasmin
34. "Please don't scold" - Shahana Yasmin
35. "Teko naame ekta chhele chhilo, Nijeke mone kore superhero"- St. James' School Batch of 2009
36. "Waw Waw Caution"- Sumit Guha, Sneha Kedia
37. While playing Uno, I didn't want fours, while Rohan needed them. Before he picked his new card,
"May the Fours be with you" - Me.
38. "Mataal hobo, KaaNdbo" - Tu Berculosis (Will get drunk, Will cry)
(Describing her PoA for an upcoming party)
39. "I love being single. It is both a jhooth and a trooth"- Sreejeeta Ghosh

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