July 16, 2012

Of Farewells and Monkemons

Well, it is nothing new for me, really. Change town, change school, change friends, change everything. And just when the new structure stabilizes forming a roof above my head, the bricks near the base are pulled out only to have me witness the complete crumbling and falling apart of that which had begun to feel like home to me. Move on, this chapter is over, find a new home, write a new chapter, life goes on.

This is the end of another chapter. Once again, it is all too difficult to give up, and even the thought in itself is haunting. Everything is happening at such a pace, that the inevitability of all these changes and the irreversibility of the consequences is hardly sinking in now. The support system around me has begun to give way, brick by brick, and I must prepare myself for yet another fall.

You guys know for me you guys exist  in every little by-lane, every dingy nukkad, every shopping mall, every movie theatre, every restaurant, every festival, every experience in this city. And to survive the city, without you all, is going to be *some* task.

I don't know how to round this off. You all know who you are. I am selfish. And I'm not willing to let go. I will miss you all. :( 

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