May 21, 2012

Ten Things I Love About You

I love how you gently tap one of your feet on its side while sleeping.
And sometimes, while trying to fall asleep.
I love how you, in a bus, keep your phone inside your bag for safekeeping,
Yet your wallet, out of your pocket, does peep.

I love how you, without discernment, nibble on every piece of midnight junk,
That inside your ever-dismaying refrigerator, you find.
I love how you emote out every single spoken word that forms a song,
While singing it out, out of tune, yet I want to hit ‘rewind’.

I love that childlike innocence in your huge eyes, even more so when
They widen, at the prospect of a new mischief,
I love it when you hug me tight, when the darkness around the edges
Of your bed is still lighter(in shade) than your inner grief.

I love how long your hair grows, how absolutely dense, cascading down
The contours of your face, briefly shading your eyes.
I love the lost look on your face, when you dream of the elusive love,
When it rains new vigor and new ecstasy from the skies.

I love how gentle and meek and kind and well-behaved and concerned
You are about your friends, of who you have a lot.
But above all, I love how much you love me above them all,
Know that I too, love you timeless, You’re my sole immortal thought.

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