September 8, 2009

A Decade Gone By

(From my personal diaries, language and content unchanged)

8th September 1999 : Studied for the Maths test tomorrow. Baba helped me pump up the Nivea beach-ball today. Also, played Monopoly with Didu and Buiya.

8th September 2000 : ‘Ujjwal Ek Jhank Payra’ dance final selections done. Our class will be putting it up for the Parent’s Night in December. Debadrita and Snigdha will help us learn the steps mainly.

8th September 2001 : Enjoyed Delhi. Visited some tourist destinations. Visited the Chattarpur temple complex. Saw Keyamashi’s new flat in Gurgaon. Also visited the Lotus Temple. Had lunch at Mc Donald’s with Chicken McGrill with cheese.

8th September 2002 : Baba returned from Thailand. He got us a lot of things. An Ultraman bag, a T-shirt, a shirt, two shorts and Name-stamps for me. He also got loads of things for others. He also got yummy pineapple chunks, and Chrysanthemum drink, and countless chocolates.

8th September 2003 : Watched Koi Mil Gaya for the 2nd time, on a rented CD. Returned Pallavi the cassettes I’d borrowed from her. Studied for the Geography test.

8th September 2004 : Baba went off to Thailand and Singapore for the 5th time. Also, I think Buiya has been reading my diaries or has been cooking up tales and telling Ma that I’m having an affair with… which is so not true… Enjoyed badminton with her, though.

8th September 2005 : Anita Thapa’s Birthday. Physics Practical- Find the time period ‘t’ of a simple pendulum. Reissued the Erle Stanley Gardner’s books from the library and also issued Agatha Christie’s ‘Why Didn’t They Ask Evans’. Convinced Anindita that today would be my last day at DNS. Journeyed towards Calcutta by Black Diamond Express.

8th September 2006 : The fever did not resurface for the 2nd day today. So, has my typhoid left me? I suppose it has. Started making study-plans for the second terminal examinations. Lots to study. Don’t know how I’m gonna cope.

8th September 2007 :Met Debadrita’s new fucking bitch of a best friend Debanjali. If Debadrita wants to claim that Debanjali is like Deboleena, I will be the last person to believe her. Oh my god, never have I hated anyone so much based on the first meeting. Nikita, Rilina, Vishal and RahulDeep still think I’m dating Debadrita. Also, Rahuldeep admitted to be nurturing feelings for *edited*. Haw. I would never imagine.

8th September 2008 : School gave over after 6th period. Hung out in CCD with Arvind and Ikshaku after school. Discussed how even Ikshaku’s parents think he’s gone astray(in all respects :P)

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