November 5, 2008


They solemnly stood there,on the other side
Of the gate,Unaware of the divide.
"Its going to stay the same",said they
"We'll remember you even after you've gone away!"

And he walked away,In his bosom a heavy heart.
Their cheers and whistles, his ears'd gotten jarred.
Despite the wide smile that remained on his face
He silently cried on, faster became his pace.

A car stood waiting,the moment was here.
He had to depart,to drift away, from all that he held dear.
The trees,the mountains, and the lakes outside
Sobbed,waved goodbye forever to their child...

...Two forty kilometres, and months twenty four.
The stay has been good, he's one of them at the fore.
Nobody would tell him apart from the Whoevers!
And deep in his heart, the image had begun to waver.

The faces had promised,"Nothing's gonna change!"
Everything has since fallen apart-but it isn't quite strange.
The high-rise buildings, cars, shopping malls-all the glamour
It all suits him so well, the glow makes him shimmer.

Only the shimmer is the surface, his soul is dented.
The trees', the hillocks' child is demented
Demented,and hollow, devoid of his 'himselfness'
What has replaced the joy was mere fake happiness.

The affectionate, happy faces have since become a memory just,
They dissolve into nothingness, if he scratches off the crust
Of his memories,of those past days of glory,
Adulthood is here! Childhood is history!!!

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