October 5, 2008

All Around Me!

There’s literally so much going on all around me! Durga Pujo is here, but it hardly feels like Pujo. Bomb blasts are ripping apart one city after the other. Inflation rates have soared so high that a 1200 buck t-shirt that would previously be bought for a ‘special’ occasion has been just bought for regular-wear .Courage-The Cowardly Dog show timings have shifted to 3am. New friends have gained priority, while the older ones have faded out(despite many efforts from both sides). My blog is ready but unused. Fake celebrities on my Facebook Friendlist keep putting up new status updates every half hour to make us believe in their authenticity. The un-toned torso of Abhishek Bachchan as ‘Drona’ is up to give Hrithik ‘Krrish’ Roshan tough competition in the cinema plexes all over. Two Prosenjit movies as diverse as ‘Mr. Fantoosh’ and ‘Swapner Din’ are out to ensure that the Bengali audience all over stays Prosenjitified during the festive season. Mamata Banerji has proved that she truly is the greatest messiah who lives for the cause of the ‘development’ of West Bengal. Parents fight over silly issues, and sister shoots inane videos featuring herself and her friends shouting weird Mithunda-(Public er maar keoratolar paar)-esque slogans. The Video Store guy wants to recover the losses incurred on the purchase of Jean Renoir movie DVDs from a dealer by handing them over at subsidized rates to me, while I can’t convince that I’ve had my share of watching World Cinema, and want to try out some Bhojpuri masala now. Plain White T’s ,Pink Floyd and Tim McGraw are fast climbing ‘My Favorites List’ chart, and Singh Is Kinng-esque- Punjabi hits fast falling! Friends and acquaintances are LOL-ing away to their heart’s content.
And my reaction to all this??? ‘Facebook! Here I come!’

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