January 26, 2012

Love Ballad to Oneself - Demise, Rebirth And Everything Encased Within

Probably, you see, a distant poetry,
Coming to life,
Approaching you,
And then passing by,
Leaving your peace
With its lyrical promiscuity.

In the grays of the sky,
And the cracks lining the glass
On the window-panes,
You see how
You are, and have always been.

For you expected an ode
To be sung for you,
You expected the winds
To carry away your loneliness
And bring home to you,
A permanent sense
Of belonging.
You expected remembrance,
And you expected warmth.
But the skies are gray,
The glass is cracked,
And life is cold.

Colder than their eyes,
When they looked away.
Colder than the January
That renders you older,
Every time.
Renders you even closer
To the demise of hope.


I speak of you,
And sing for you,
For I want you to know,
You are a part of me,
And I am a part of you.
This, a tale of rebirth,
This, a tale of Life, Death, And Everything
In Between.
There has been a summer, and a winter
Contained within Then and Now.
And as we inch towards another summer,
I know you secretly wonder,
Why I don’t smile anymore.

Everyday since Then,
Everyday since you left,
I have wished for the smile to return.
I have tried.
I have prayed.
But the erosion of my smile,
That your departure caused,
Now seems permanent.

Yes, Now, I am happier.
My smile is gone, but I am saner.
I wish You could live
This sanity too.
I wish You could smile
My smile,
And yours,
In the reassuring glow
Of my happiness.

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