August 20, 2011

An Ode To The Rainbow Lives.

There is a little violet in each dazzling bright flash
Of lightning that visits you every stormy night.

There is a little indigo in every lone ripple
On the water, that is born when you walk by, quiet.

There is a little blue clinging on to every white Cotton
Cloud that you always want to sink into, for a sleep.

There is a little green in every grass and leaf,
That, from filth, rocks and hurt, your bare feet, keep.

There is a little yellow in every fire you light
To keep the bellowing darkness a distance away.

There is a little orange in every sunset you retire to,
Bidding farewell to every numbing fatigue of the day.

There is a little red in every drop of the blood, housed
In your veins, that livens your hopes, your dreams, your life.

There is a little rainbow I have wished for you, to nurse you,
Every time your heart cries a downpour, struggling alone in a strife.

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