May 3, 2011

Never There, Together

They sat around the fire, as it rained outside.
Legs intertwined, one of them with a guitar,
The other with a camera, each worshipping
An art, never up for hire.

Hours of silence, weaving in a glance or two,
Of the never uttered words, that generations crave,
Of the obvious comforts in the infinite company,
By the midnight fire.

Similar beings with dissimilar souls,
Never too long, do together last.
Each second is a dream shattered,
Reminiscent of an unwrinkled past.

Each photograph is a memory,
Wasting away under moisture and tears,
And each song is a one-way ticket,
Of return to the contagious, tragic fears.

Hope dries up, never stays around for too long,
When footsteps don't rhyme,thus ends each song.

Picture courtesy: Utsav Akhoury,once again.

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