February 27, 2011

Mon Amour

Mon Amour
I have wrapped the eternity in my poetry, for you.
Enchained all of the world's fragrance in such lyrics for you.
I have made a thousand million
Deals for your sake,mon amour.

I've made sure your eyes don't hurt from the sparkle of the stars,
Have made a crystal sky, a dome to that end, to soothe your scars.
Picked up, them stars divine,
Each one a diamond mine,
Have traded in the impossible millions, up in the sky, for you.

Winter creeps in, the chill sets in, I revel in the warmth of your breath,
The shawl of the evening, softer than silk, calmer than death.
Raisins and almonds, I've bought for you,
Caviar, champagne and chocolates too.
Have even bought out the Garden of Eden, from the angels for you.

Just for you, mon amour.

DISCLAIMER: This is an original translation, but a translation nonetheless.

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