November 9, 2010

Irony or Coincidence?

My name is one glaring example of an irony. 'Ritwik' means one who performs 'yajnas' in every 'ritu' to please the Gods above. 'Goswami' classifies as amongst highest-order Vaishnav Brahmins, who are ideally supposed to dedicate their lives to religious ceremonies. My parents are semi-agnostics, with no staunch devotion toward idol-worship, and both my sister and I are staunch atheists. This can be referred to as 'double deviation' to the rule that names-should-define-personality.

The other day, at Rohan's birthday party, both Rohan and I had red-tees on, and were posing for photographs with napkins with the letters S,F and I on them. I vote for SFI in college, but am far from being an activist. The following conversation that ensued is as follows:
Me: This is the first time I am coming out about my orientation.
Subholina(sitting beside me) : Really? Don't you keep screaming " I'm gay" all the time, everywhere?
Me: Let me rephrase that. This is the first time I'm coming out about my political-orientation.
Subholina: I see !

Ironically, the political body adverse to SFI in college identifies itself as I.C.

Ajju, Ikshaku and I were at Aqua Java a week back, and the room was jam-packed with weird-fashion sporting young adults smoking hookah. Ajju was showing to us videos of his Great Fall at the Ice-skating-rink in Shimla, the fall that had caused a leg-fracture. He said, at the Mock-Award-Ceremony at his college,this fall had been named as the 'Best Fall'. Ajju also showed us videos of manufactured-fall-situations that had to be created just to create other nominees for the 'Best Fall' category as it is never fair to crown something as winner when there is no competition. He was almost lamenting that his fall did not really have much of a competition and the win came easy to him. Right then, one of the semi-tripping, semi-dazed dudes in the room tripped and fell. Right over my legs and the couch beside me. AND HOW! The fall came in five parts. Each time he'd fall a bit, try to regain composure, and then fall further down. All the couches toppled over, as did Ajju's laptop, playing the 'Fall' nomination videos. Pure Irony,or a Huge Coincidence is for you to decide.

Originally, I had intended to cite only these three examples in this post. However, as the creation of this post was in progress, I found myself engaged in a Facebook-chat conversation with the star-senior Aishani Roy from Oxford University(Doesn't THAT sound magnificent?). We discussed how both of us would have like Prof. Amitava Chatterjee as the new Vice Chancellor of Presidency University, and how the new VC has the same name as our preferred candidate minus a 'Va'. She is called Amita Chatterjee. "What an irony!", Aishanidi said. And this conversation to happen right when this post was in creation, as if only to add an element to the post, was a huge coincidence.

This world truly amazes me, all the time.

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Geek in the Pink said...

The Amita Chatterjee really shocked me too! Strange world,really.