August 16, 2010

End is where the Start is.

(I)You spend long years to figure out ways to stuff them all in together. A truckload of skeletons that must be stuffed into a closet. One tumbles out, some other two get entangled at their ribs. The skull comes off a fourth, the knee caps of a fifth turn into dust. Yet conveniently, you manipulate and mutilate enough just to dispose them off, into their silent, nonchalant existence into the closet. You feel relieved. Like they have been done away with forever. Into that little wardrobe of yours, at the other end of which there is no Narnia. A wardrobe that seemingly has just one vent, just one channel. One lock. And then they have been reduced to silent nothings in your memory. You try to forget the skeletons were your creation.

So one day, you return home, or whatever you call that supposed secure dwelling place of yours. And- HAHA! They’re all out there. Defying the safety of that singular-valved-cupboard. Crippled, mangled, but vengeful. Venomous for having been tucked away for so long. They take over your own. It’s a defeat, ultimately.

(II)Ofcourse. My tales arent the ones worth narrating. Let's spend this last evening of my life listening to you.

(III)You make it a routine.
Liking them. Seeing them. Hanging out. Liking them.
They are where the world begins, and ends.
Every face.
Irreplaceable support system.
And then one defects.
You wish everything would turn to normal.

If only wishes were meant to come true.
Falling apart.
Easy way out.

(IV)Life is circular. One never departs from his flaws, but just blindfolds himself into believing it is not a circle but a line he is treading on.

(V)So tell me. Why do I not have the liberty to make my own choices?
What’s that?
You worry I shall get burned?
Well, if that fire is my only path to solace, then who are you to tell me not to take the plunge?
And what use is it.
To stay back, to dwell within you all, Only to be labeled?
Labels, conventions, yes I create them as well.
Naturally, it pains me when I need to consume what I produce.
Basic Economics. I want better, not what I can already have.
Who am I kidding?
When did I have the option?
Wasn’t fire always the only option for me?

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