March 18, 2010


Well, not that I had no idea about it, but nevertheless, it looks more impressive when definitively tabulated like this. After the terrible unfocused-ness of the two years, the never being able to get myself to study, the feeling of loss when everyone around me seemed to know so much more, the numerous flak from various teachers for not being 'serious' enough/not having the ability to grasp the content of the syllabus, I finally did beat most people at the game they claimed to be better than me, and managed to come 5th in my entire batch at St. James', in the ISC exams...

I've also had this epiphany about Chotopammu. Her name is Gauri Khan. It is hilarious really that despite their real surnames being Lahiri or something of that sort, they choose to use the 'title' 'Khan'. I mean they must be among those very few Khans that are Hindus. And to top it, ChotopaMmu's name is Gauri. Hilarious, really! More importantly, at age 60(?), she has joined Facebook, and has started adding her family members as 'friends'. Facebook's reach continues to baffle me. Many came and fizzled out- Orkut, Twitter, Google Wave(several never even took off), but Facebook is still going notoriously strong.

I promised I'd share a few photographs- snippets from my life, so here I go...
Shahana and I at College-Holi.

Bhaang at College-Holi(Manisha, Aishani and Sayantani).

Rhea, Ikshaku and I on Holi, the day we celebrated at Hiland Park, with a lot of friends. The three of us went Bhaang-hunting all over South Calcutta in a cab(refer to photo). The taxi-meter ran upto Rs. 160, but we were unable to procure any Bhaang.

Debadrita and I at the Chakmanik Resort- Mansi, where we went for our College-picnic.

With Puja, Sayantika and Debadrita at a temple in the Chakmanik Village. The four of us,with Manimanjari, went on a special road-trek all over the village while all of the others stayed confined within the perimeters of the resort.

At Chakmanik. Pubali,Manimanjari,Sriparna,Ahona and me.

Taniya, Shresht and I. At Shashank's place, on his birthday. We surprised him right in the morning,by turning up at his place. The plan was made by his mum and Rhea together.

A few of us that turned up to surprise Shashank. Shashank in the middle.

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Nice post. The photographs are nice. and congrats on your results