October 21, 2009

Prematurely Gray and Disillusioned. NOT.

Fragments of a broken dream,
Chase a winning star.
A night begins, ten million shades dim,
Darkness arrives, her cardinal power.

Souls blend in with the silence,
Soft visuals from a horizon emerge.
An epiphany that composes a trance,
Into a surreal world, numb shapes surge.

Hallucinations show sympathy, so hollow,
Illuminative seductions-its only true worth.
Vocal bitterness, the lies then swallow,
Celebrations of a new wave take birth.

Clandestine ecstasies ruin a game,
Never more are my faculties meek.
The ambience faceless, demands a name,
To the naked bizarreness I speak.

Turbulent waves and rugged terrains,
Welcome, but never the roughness gauge,
Of mornings that to despair, are veins,
That in me, evoke a burning rage.

Rendered impotent of finding a frame,
Of reference, Of relatability,
I wander lost, I dwell in refrains
Out of vanity, arises a lurching pity.

Horror strikes with wrath terrible and sure,
Frozen identities are preserved.
Life invites with malice and vice so pure,
A painless waning, for me, I reserve.

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